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I used to meditate for 1 or even 2 hours - but I‘ve never been as present and truly in my body as I have been during your retreat. All of this being outside, moving between places, cooking together, building up my tarp brought me so much into the present moment. I‘ve never experienced anything like this for so long.

Lena, 30

It was indeed an unforgettable experience that will always stay on the basis of my personal development and on my life choices from now on. The whole Journey cannot be described in enough words. Olivia was bringing together very wisely all the necessary elements - the desert, the fire, the sea, the sky, the music, and guiding us in creating a space in which we could reconsider ourselves, be open, share, meet ourselves, and reflect on our life, our past, present, and future.

Eliza, 31

Dear Olivia, the time we spend in the retreat was special itself. Such a connection and wonderful people around. I am grateful to have been a part of this journey and so thankful to you for making that experience happen.

Janina, 19

Olivia guides you through a day of increasing happiness.

Antoni, 34

Olivia was such a heart-felt, kind, wise and adaptable guide to the group, which I think really helped to build such a strong and nourishing group dynamic, allowing us the safety to fully express ourselves. I returned to the city feeling cleansed, grounded, centred and full of gratitude and peace.

Ramona, 33

I really enjoyed being able to connect with the different elements of sun, sea, sand, wind, mountain and desert. This retreat helped me to come into balance - mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and also to release some deep emotions which found their right moment to come out at the retreat.

Lara, 27

Eine perfekter Tag mit vielen neuen Erkenntnissen in einer wundervollen Umgebung zum einfach mal Abschalten.

Bianca, 32

My experience of the retreat in Egypt changed by life and left me reconnected with my sense of self and my sensory reflections. Sleeping beneath the stars, the desert hikes, the morning meditations and yoga, losing myself to dance, and restoring my passion for cooking, I could feel myself becoming more alive and attuned to my authentic self, invigorating my relationship to my body and to nature. Olivia’s personal intuition into my life and situation gave me a new sense of purpose and grounding. I really can’t overstate the depth of my experience or the memories it has left me with, the lessons it has continued to bring me long after the week was over.

Kate, 41

Kailo Nature Therapy is a beautiful experience sensitively guided by Olivia. Exploring, nature, ourselves and connecting to others, this is an uplifting positive adventure and I recommend it to all.

Danielle, 35

Die Veranstaltung hat meine Erwartungen übertroffen. Olivia führt unaufdringlich und mit leichter Hand. Sehr empfehlenswert. Auch und gerade im Regen.

Michael, 64

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